Residency Experience at Piebird Farm Sanctuary / Piebird Vegan Farmstay:

Farm Sanctuary InternWe are offering a unique opportunity for the perfect applicant(s) to participate in the good life here and to turn their values of compassion into hands-on experience. This is a special opportunity to make meaningful friendships with animals and to advocate for them and their peers, while also contributing to a community of like-minded people dedicating their lives to animals.

This summer, Piebird will celebrate ten years (edited: 12) of being a happy home for animal-friends, a vegan agri-tourism destination, & heirloom seed co. in Nipissing, Ontario. If you are keen for this Earth-based lifestyle and dedicated to animal protection, come add your life to this place of love. Piebird is a vegan farm, farm sanctuary, B&B / guesthouse, cottage rental, seed company, sustainable living workshop series, vegan cookie business, vegan restaurant by reservation, etc...

NOTE: This post was written in 2015, as of Feb 2017 this internship opportunity still applies but some of the details have changed as we have grown as a sanctuary. Please still do get in touch and we will update this post by the end of February.

The Residency Experience at Piebird is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you (individual or a couple) to work directly with animals and be their voice. This opportunity is for living on-site and the ideal candidate will make the most of the experience by also participating in many aspects of Piebird life in addition to the farm sanctuary (ie: gardening, seeds, building & farm maintenance, campaigns & outreach)

Interns are asked to fulfill a fairly full but flexible work schedule and make a one month to several-month commitment. There may be opportunity for the position to extend into a long-term residency for persons who demonstrate deep commitment to the spirit, goals and lifestyle of Piebird.
Interns live on-site (various housing options) and very much become part of life here at Piebird.

Note: a farm sanctuary internship is a volunteer experience, applicants should be self-reliant and have either savings or an income separate from Piebird. For longer stays, there are income opportunities for the right candidate. The sanctuary itself is supported by Piebird's overnight bookings and sanctuary-capacity is increased by generous donations.

Out of respect for the sanctuary-residents and the work that Piebird does, all Piebird-humans are of course required to eat vegan (no meat, dairy products, eggs, honey, or other animal byproducts). Interns are responsible for buying and preparing most of their own food, with some communal eating.

During the internship, you will have the hands-on opportunity to gain considerable knowledge of compassionate farm animal care. You will learn-from and fall-in-love-with the sanctuary residents. Interning at Piebird also offers experience beneficial for future alternative-lifestyle choices.

This opportunity is available beginning Spring 2015. Other internships opportunities may be available year round. Due to the high volume of communication we receive, we might be slow at responding.



Send us an application in whatever format gives you a thrill. Send a short letter about why you want to intern here and why you'd fit in perfectly. Be sure to include what dates and duration would be ideal. Include whatever creative elements you need to fully communicate who you are. Outline your skills, your goals, ambitions, experience, your activism history or creative thwarting, things you've built or grown, funky places you've lived, coldest temperature you've used an outhouse in, ...or whatever else we need know about you & how you'll fit into Piebird -- send to:

Piebird -- Sherry & Yan
113 Chapman's Landing Rd
Nipissing, Ontario P0H 1W0

You can find out more about us by visiting us online:

Piebird on instagram Piebird on facebook

And of course by visiting our websites:

Piebird Farm Sanctuary Piebird Vegan Farmstay

Vegan farm sanctuary Ontario


Internship opportunity can grow into a long term living situation if you have the right drive, humour, ethics, & endurance.

Please note we do not have room for dogs, due to the free-roaming nature of other feathered/furry residents.


Piebird was started in 2005 by Sherry and Yan. We are located in Nipissing, on a quiet gravel road 3 hours north of Toronto, Ontario. Piebird is a celebrated destination for Earth-conscious folks and vegan travellers. The animals who reside here are ambassadors for all those who have not yet made it to sanctuary. We grow vegetables, seeds, herbs, smiles and rainbows. We do workshops on gardening, yurt building, herbal medicine, vegan baking, compassionate living and the list goes on! In August, we host our annual Piebird Picnic. Interns will also have access to our secret 15 acre secret retreat up the secret river via secret canoe.

land share Ontario, vegan farmMEET SHERRY: The animal friends here call Sherry, "Lady Sweet Pockets." Sherry kisses every single animal every single time she sees them and makes an obscene amount of vegan cookies. Her hobbies include kissing animals and making obscene amounts of vegan cookies.

MEET YAN: Much like the turkey-friends here, Yan refuses to leave the garden, ever. His hobbies include building giant peace signs and starting campaigns to take down evil corporations.

You can meet some of the animal friends online here.

Farm Sanctuary Internship