Alias: Roy

Voted Most Likely To: Wait at the backdoor of Piebird for Cookies

When Roy isn’t busy being the most handsome alarm-(cock a doodle doo)-clock around, he is usually trying to impress his lady friends Otty and Green Legs with either his beautiful bloomers, or wild dance moves. Legend has it that before the humans are awake, he meets Fern the Turkey friend to discuss world politics and mostly tall tales. Oh, he really enjoys Sherry’s baking as well.

Tune in weekly for Roys new show, "How About Roy" -- a modern comedy / drama about life as a rooster on a vegan farm sanctuary.


Alias: Otty the Adventure Chicken

Adventurer extraordinaire, this chicken-friend craves the thrill of the chase! Otty is famed for having explored every inch of Piebird, with her most celebrated discovery being locating the resident vegan cookie factory (a.k.a. Sherry’s kitchen)! She is a busy one, but you are likely to cross paths with her here as she continues her search for the perfect scarf and aviator goggles.

WrongWay GreenLegs

Alias: Who needs alias with a name like hers!?

Hobbies: De-Gardening

GreenLegs is another adventure chicken who enjoys roaming the vast pasture and garden at Piebird looking for adventure, and worms! GreenLegs loves lending a hand when it is time to plant seeds at Piebird, however often finds herself eating the seeds instead. But come on, how about those legs!?