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The Great Vegan Food!

Homegrown, vegan goodness!

Vegan Vegetarian

We jokingly call it our "100 metre diet" but it's true, all of the meals we serve start right here in our gardens.

By-reservation restaurant-style served suppers & lunches are also available to small groups!
(705) 724-1144

Vegetarian Restaurant North Bay Ontario Our meals are homegrown, whole-food-focused, and 100% vegan. As a nutrition consultant and whole food educator, Sherry thrives on creating meals with the health of our bodies and the planet in mind. If you have food allergies or a special dietary request, let us know ahead of time and you will be happily accommodated.

Ask about our Food & Wellness retreats and workshops.

By-reservation restaurant-style served homegrown vegan suppers & lunches are also available to small groups!
(705) 724-1144

Vegan Bed and Breakfast Ontario
Our Ingredients

Wholegrain, homemade and 100% vegan.

Fresh baked gluten-free breadThe food is one our points of pride here at Piebird. We are eager to share our vegan fare with the world! Most of our vegetables and herbs coming right from our gardens. We grow many edible perennials and store away in the cellar for the off-season. Our gardens grow in size every year to ensure that we have enough food for ourselves for the winter and for our guests. We also sell some produce at our events.

Beyond being homegrown what makes the majority of our ingredients so special? To begin with, we use our own seeds that we also sell through our heirloom, open-pollinated seed company. Also, Yan has a very unique growing style (zero watering, vegan growing (no manures), no off-site inputs) -- you can learn more about this through one of our Gardening Workshops -- a lot of love goes into this food!

homegrown vegan vegetarian fare

We gather this-and-that from the forests around Piebird; delicious stinging nettles, wild leeks...and we have nursed our gardens so they over-flow with useful edible herbs such as lemon balm, parsley, cilantro, sage, yarrow, ladies mantle, apple mint -- come take one of our herb classes to learn about how they can improve your life!

We use maple syrup to sweeten most of our organic whole-spelt flour baked goods. The maple syrup is from our own maple trees too, or from our neighbours in Christian Valley, Matthews Maple Syrup. Come and stay in March if you would like to help with the sapping!

Our good friends Murray and Sharon grow the best strawberries right next door at Becker's Berry Patch. Come stay in early July and pick your own! Take one of our no-sugar jam workshops and eat local berries on your toast all winter!


Vegan Lunches & Dinners
vegan / vegetarian restaurant

From May well into Winter our menu reflects what's growing in our garden or stored in our cellar. Our ingredients are always chosen mindfully, everything is vegan, organic and we feature our own vegetables.

We're happy to prepare gluten free meals too!

Bring your friends and your family to our unique dining experience, (the only 100% all-vegan restaurant in the whole North Bay area!), enjoy local and homegrown food served with love in our century-old home. Sit out on the veranda overlooking the gardens or in the dining room with the original embossed tin walls and ceilings.

We're just a half-hour drive from North Bay, in Nipissing Village, Ontario. By reservation only. (705) 724-1144

Vegan / Vegetarian Dinner


Contact hosts Sherry & Yan -- (705) 724-1144
113 Chapman's Landing Rd., Nipissing Village ON., P0H 1W0

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