Crooked Brothers

Crooked Brothers + Jenny Ritter + David Newberry in concert at Piebird!!!

Saturday March 2nd at 7pm

@ Piebird B&B / Farmstay, 113 Chapman's Landing Rd, Nipissing Village, Ontario

More info at or facebook event

Here is a video Mighty Pepe the goat filmed and recorded of the band after the last Crooked Brothers' show here at Piebird.

Crooked Brothers Crooked Brothers Crooked Brothers

Another video Mighty Pepe filmed and recorded with his goat-cam of Jenny Ritter after the last time she played Piebird.

Crooked Brothers Jenny Ritter


The Crooked Brothers in concert at Piebird
Friday August 19, 2011

To reserve seats for the homegrown vegan dinner before the show call us at 705.724.1144
Ooo, we're so excited about this show, The Crooked Brothers are so great! Stomping, dancing, funky, waltzy, scrapyard, harmonies, banjo, mandolin, dobro, FUN!

Below, check out more great photos and a blog review of the concert from the wonderful Bijou's Whimsy

Crooked Brothers

Here's some songs from the "light" set and the "dark" set, video by Deyfenn Slayd:

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Crooked Brothers - Lawrence Album BREAKING NEWS: The brand new CROOKED BROTHERS album "Lawrence, Where's Your Knife?" will be released at this show, a box fresh off the press just arrived at Piebird!! By picking up a copy at the show you can be the first person on earth to get a copy!!

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Share this link ( on facebook and enter to win some GARLIC planted by The Crooked Brothers and grown with love at Piebird.

Below is just some silly flower and goat stuff set to some great Crooked Brothers songs!

QUOTES (from the Piebird goats) about The Crooked Brothers' music:

Sunshine says, "this is the most best band in the whole entire pasture, their guitar strings taste so good..."

Ginger says, "they're beautiful, I like the bearded one best"

Billy says, "I'm crooked too!"

Sadie says, "OMG! I hope I can stay awake until 7:30 when the show begins!!"

Mighty Pepe says, "can I be a brother?"

Crooked Brothers

Piebird B&B
in Nipissing Village, Ontario

Piebird is a Happy Place



The HoboHouse is a little house for farmhelp to stay while at Piebird. Our touring musicians also bunk here after a concert.

The Crooked Brothers

From Manitoba, an "exciting blend of timeless country classic sounds, backporch blues and stomping scrapyard funk."

Hobo Turnip

The Hobo Turnip

The Hobo Turnip is just one of the fine renamed-heirloom seeds we offer at Soggy Creek Seed Co..