New Piebird Video -- Sherry & Yan - Piebird B&B

Amazing film / photo / designer Patrick Gilbert came out here to Piebird for a day of filming just as we were bringing in the tail end of the harvest. It's a wonderful video, so fun! Thanks Pat!

Vegan Pie Crust - baking class with goats

Learn how to make a Vegan Pie Crust. Baking class with goat friends! Trickier than a flakey vegan pastry is circumventing the piehungry goats. Recipe uses: organic spelt flour, fun & coconut oil. Check out our other WORKSHOPS & VEGETARIAN COOKING CLASSES

Goat-Cam I

Lake of Stew - A Grain A Green A Root A Bean - Goat-cam @ Piebird

This was Mighty Pepe's first time using a camera... pretty good for a baby goat! (filmed after the Piebird Picnic 2011). In other Lake of Stew news, check out their new EP Sing All About It with Old Man Luedecke (wowzers, I know!)

Goat-Cam II

The Crooked Brothers - Another Sun - Goat-cam @ Piebird

This new Crooked Brothers album is the most perfect thing to listen to as Winter sets in, check it out here!

Goat-Cam III

Jenny Ritter - You Missed the Boat - Goat-cam @ Piebird

Jenny's first solo album is coming out soon...

Goat-Cam IV (Attempt) -- The Final Goat-Cam Video

Scott Cook - Goin' up to the Country - Goat-Cam (attempt) @ Piebird

-- backed up by the wonderful Jesse Dee & Jacquie B

Scott tries to get Mighty Pepe (the baby goat) to work his movie making magic but unfortunately it's nap time in goat land (this is a behind the scenes look at how the other goat-cam's below were created). Great song from a great new album, Moonlit Rambles. Check out this album is you dream of the world being a better place...

The Crooked Brothers @ Piebird's HoboHouse

Vegetarian B&B Ontario

Piebird B&B / Farmstay

in Nipissing Village, Ontario

Piebird is a Happy Place

Fact: Friends enjoy forwards!

Heriloom Seed Catalogue

Soggy Creek Seed Co.

'Renamed' Heirloom Seeds
from Piebird's gardens

Vegetarian Vegan Ontario Bed & Breakfast

Homegrown Vegetarian fare -- at Piebird B&B

Come for more than just the Bed & Breakfast, participate in life here at Piebird.


Piebird B&B